Curation, Publishing & Critical Writing 


Delivering Texts - Delivering Views 33: Diaspora / Publication Launch, Phaneromenis 70 Cultural Organisation 
Poetics of Dance Encounters / Publication Launch, DanceHouse Lefkosia 
Hambis Municipal Printmaking Museum, September 2023 
Pylon Art & Culture 
Department of Antiquities Cyprus & Thanos Hotels, July 2023  
Sessions x State Gallery of Contemporary Art Cyprus, June 2023 & CARPA 8 Colloquium, University of the Arts Helsinki, August 2023  
Happy Happier Days 
Echo Arts, June 2023 
Goethe-Institut Cyprus, April 2023 
Larnaka Municipal Gallery, March 2023 
Echo Arts, June 2022
Independently Organised, April 2022
Larnaka Municipal Gallery, 2022  
The Lefteris Economou Cultural Foundation, 2021
Echo Arts, 2021  

Cyprus Architecture Association for 17th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale, 2021 

Formworks 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 
Thkio Ppalies Project Space, Nicosia, 2019 - ongoing 
Images And Views of Alternative Cinema Festival 2020, Nicosia
Visual Artists Association, Nicosia, 2018 - 2020 

Visual Artists Association, Nicosia, 2017 

Spatial Symphony, contribution to ‘A Well Tempered Clavier’exhibition by Evelyn Anastasiou, eins gallery, Limassol (December 2019)

We could almost say a living being is like a memory which acts: On the work of Kyros Papavassiliou, Catalogue Essay, commissioned by ‘Images and Views of alternative Cinema’ 2018 Festival, Cyprus. (February 2018)

A Land Rover Approached the VillageEssay for artist group Neoterismoi Toumazou, published in Kassianidou, Marina (ed.): ‘When Words Enter the Picture’, Visual Artists Association Cyprus:Nicosia, 2017. A previous version of this essay appeared in the exhibition Terra Mediterranea: In Action, Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, 2017.

on skin irony, contribution to Spritz Palace, group exhibition at Thkio Ppalies Project Space, Nicosia (September 2018)

Orchestra Uncredited: On the work of Peter Eramian, Essay written on occasion of the exhibition Business Plan by Peter Eramian, fAN Kunstverein, Vienna (June 2017)
Exhaustion - contribution to Exhaustion exhibition, Artist: Phanos Kyriakou, Point Centre for Contemporary Art (March 2017)

The Gaze of the World - Essay for Planetes exhibition catalogue, Paphos, Cyprus. Artist: Yorgos Petrou, Curator: Elena Parpa (January 2017)

Navigation within Arcane Signs - Essay for Planetes exhibition catalogue, Paphos, Cyprus. Artist: Marina Xenofontos, Curator: Elena Parpa (January 2017)
Natural And Other Rhythms: Flamingo Theatre - Essay for Flamingo Theatre photography book, Artist: Stelios Kallinikou (April 2016)

text for space, contribution to ‘Data Divas Club’ exhibition by Christos Kyriakides, TestDrive
Subscription Packages, visual poem co-authored with Evagoria Dapola, for Phaneromenis 70 Window Project, Curator: Monika Asimenou 
Remnants also enjoy their trip to the surface, contribution to ‘Here’s to my sweet satan’, exhibition and publication by Peter Eramian

When our eyes touch
Bilingual (Greek / English) catalogue raisonné of artist Nitsa Hadjigeorgiou 
Edited with long-form essay by Evagoras Vanezis
Designed by Hi Studiooo (Natalie Yiaxi)
Published by the Deputy Ministry of Culture, Cyprus & Larnaka Municipality
Printed in 450 copies by Laser Graphics, Nicosia

Softcover + Dust Jacket
24 x 31 cm closed portait 
120 gsm Art Gloss
227 pages, Full Colour  
Suggested Retail Price: 30 EUROS
ISBN 978-9963-0-0198-9

Formworks 05: Borrowed
Bilingual (Greek/English) publication  
Edited by Evagoras Vanezis & Maria Toumazou
With Maria Toumazou, Evagoras Vanezis, Koula Savvidou, Maya Tounta, Georgia Trintafyllidou, Aristotelis Nikolas Mochloulis
Designed by Popi Pissouriou
Published by Thkio Ppalies Project Space & Grazer Kunstverein
Printed in 200 copies by Laser Graphics, Nicosia

60 x 35.7 cm closed portrait
120g art gloss
72 pages, Full Colour 
Suggested Retail Price: 50 EUROS
ISBN 978-9925-7501-1-5

Performing Silence
Written and Edited by Evagoras Vanezis, Petros Konnaris
Designed by Hi Studiooo (Natalie Yiaxi)
Self-published, funded by Deputy Ministry of Culture, Cyprus
Printed in 200 copies by Laser Graphics, Nicosia
14.8 x 21cm closed portrait
English, 34 pages + covers
Suggested Retail Price: 12 EUROS
ISBN 978-9925-603-20-6

Fishing For Words
Arianna Economou, Maud Nivet
Edited by and with an introductory text by Evagoras Vanezis
Designed and Illustrated by Maud Nivet
Published by Echo Arts, Nicosia  
Printed in 100 copies by Laser Graphics, Nicosia
Softcover, 14.8x21 cm closed portrait
English, 28 pages +covers
Suggested Retail Price: 10 EUROS
ISBN 978-9925-7918-0-4

Anachoresis: Upon Inhabiting Distances 
Publication on the occasion of the Cyprus pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale
Edited by Evagoras Vanezis, Urban Radicals, Marina Christodoulidou
Designed by Studio Lin, New York
Published by Archive Books, Berlin
Printed in 500 copies by Grafiche Vineziane, Venice

Softcover, 30 x 37.5 cm closed portrait 
English, 176 pages
Suggested Retail Price: 25 EUROS
ISBN 978-3948212759

A comprehensive overview of the work of multidisciplinary artist Maria Papacharalambous.
Published on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition “Wonders” held in 2021.

Bilingual (Greek / English) Publication
Edited by Evagoras Vanezis
With Maria Papacharalambous, Evagoras Vanezis, Thomas Diafas
Published by the Lefteris Economou Cultural Foundation
Designed by Philippos Vassiliades
Printed in 300 copies by Kailas Press, Nicosia

Softcover/Hardcover, 25 x 16 cm
English/Greek, 145 pages + covers  
Suggested Retail Price: 25 / 35 EUROS
ISBN 978-9963-2439-5-2