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Delivering Texts - Delivering Views 33: Diaspora / Publication Launch, Phaneromenis 70 Cultural Organisation 
Poetics of Dance Encounters / Publication Launch, DanceHouse Lefkosia 
Six artists present their work within an environment that still holds the cracks of a private space repurposed into an open-to-the public space. The title of the exhibition Six impossible things before breakfast*, suggests that in-between moment in time, when the grounds where each one stands is agitated by the precariousness of feeling that we are neither asleep nor awake; before being fuelled by the action of breaking our fast.  

The exhibition brings together different practices, bound together by their insistence to venture into facets of experience which carry potential as procedural tools of grafting. Grafting here suggests a creative branching of gestures, imbued by an awareness of reciprocity. WE ARE BUD takes on the texture of an experiment, a laboratory of impossible things that require a certain leap into worlds where Alice travels to all directions at once and the thought of being remains in a state of becoming.

Through the creation of (im)possible worlds, the participating artists condition alternative economies of meaning where games of scale and appropriation of identities carry the weight of an impossible thought: will we eat words or will words eat us.